Private Referrals

Allergy ?

Jan Sinclair

Andrew Baker


Tim Sutton (General Caridology)

David Heaven (Rhythm Disorders)



Steven Miller (also sees general medicine for where unifying diagnosis is unclear)

Ear, Nose and Throat

ENT associates

  • Michel Neef – Neurootology

NZ Institute of plastic and cosmetic surgeons

  • Glen Bartlet – (plastic surgeron) noses –

Auckland ENT

  • David flint – ear
  • Jackie allen – laryngologist

Ear suction nurses

Free hearing tests at life unlimited

Bren Dorman (snoring and general)


Diana Purvis – Childhood eczema and acne

Darian Rowan – vulval disorders, paediatric dermatology

Dr Julie Smith, Dr Todd Gunson, Dr Vania Sinovich – pigmented skin lesions


David Rowbotham – MacMurray centre

Alasdair Patrick

Toby Rose

Mercy Endoscopy direct access to endoscopy – 0800 4 ENDOSCOPY 0800 43 63 67, very fast.

General Medicine

Steven Miller (endocrinology and will see general medicine)

General Surgery

Gerald Young (GP, CityMed)

Anne Kolbe (Paediatric General Surgery)

Phil Morreau (Paediatric surgery)

Philip Alan (anal things, haemorrhoids etc)

Magda Biggar (breast, thyroid, hernia)

David Moss (hernia)


Clinical Genetics Auckland

Musucloskeletal Medicine

Jonathan Kuttner (also does RF, TFI, MBB etc)

Gary Collinson (mixed with GP) 8278888

Axis Sports

Neck Lump

One stop neck lump clinic
Mark Izzard, Rajan Patel and Kevin Smith
Radiologist, pathologist and head/neck surgeon.


Rosmand Hill – Headaches

Susan perera – MS and general neuro

Richard Frith – Nerve conduction studies

Elizabeth Walker – Nerve conduction studies


Edward Mee Andrew Law^

Obstetrics and Gynaecology


Deralie Flower (general + colposcopy)

Carolyn Bilbrough (general + uro)

Tim Dawson (Urogynae)

Khaldoun Aweidah (general, laparoscopic, very good at endometriosis)

Gillian Gibson (general, colposcopy, terminations)



Lynda Batchelor (aoc)

Dereck Souter (origins)

Nick Walker (origins)

Khaldoun Aweidah (birthright)

Elizabeth Curr (birthright)

Mahesh Harilall (birthright)

Tim Dawson (aoc)

origins only one that you can choose only one obstetrician.




Tim Dawson

Oral and Maxillofacial

Neil Luyk

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Eastwood Orthopaedics –

  • Richard Nicol (general)
  • Michael Rosenfeldt (shoulder, knee, sports surgery)
  • Matthew Debenham (foot and ankle, hip, knee)

Michael Barnes (spine) –

Brendan Coleman (knee, shoulder) –

Auckland Bone and Joint –

  • Haemish Crawford (hip, knee, children and adults)
  • Matt Boyle (sports injury, knee, shoulder, hip) 

Unisports orthopaedics

  • Stewart Walsh (general sports)
  • Michael rosenfeldt and matt debenham

Michael Flint (soft tissue tumours)

Clayton Chan (Spine, Hip, Knee)

Stephan Dyke

Theresa Birdwell (upper limb, Quay Park)

Karen Smith (hands)



Peter Robertson

Angus Don


For C-spine the pilot has been engaged with:

Patrick Schweder



For Knee the pilot has engaged with Mark Clatworthy:


For shoulder the pilot has engaged with Adam Durrant:



Peter Nobbs (up to 3 and a half)

Anne Tait
Katie Tuck – developmental paeds
Claire Stanley

Paediatric sugery and urology:

Physiotherapists and related

Auckland Physiotherapists

North Shore

  • The headache Clinic, (north shore)
  • Jo Sheeney, north shore,
  • Hands On (north shore)
  • Geoffrey Potts (lower limb physio, shore physio north shore)

East Auckland

  • Graeme White (manipulative physio, shoulder) –
  • Houman Haddadi (osteopath) glendowie –
  • About faces (physio specialised in headache/shoulder pain/TMJ/neck/posture)

Central Auckland

  • Urban Physiotherapy –
  • Sarah Talyancich at Body Reform in Grey Lynn (uses ultrasound) –
  • Point Physio Pilates Lucy Hammond Pt Chev –
  • Monique Van De Elzen (acupuncture) – Pt Chev
  • Jeremy King (osteopath) – Mt Eden
  • Royden McWha and Simon Roots (osteopath) – Kingsland
  • Pelvic Floor – Auckland urogynaecology physio
  • Nigel Peek (Chiropractor + acupuncture) –  Ponsonby
  • Handworks (hands)
  • Sharon Nash (hands)

West Auckland

  • Patt Hunt –
  • Maureen Betts –
  • Sports and Spinal –
  • Stephanie Patternson – (Waitakere stadium)
  • Glenn Williams (Osteopath) –
  • Ivan Peevac (Acupuncture) –

South Auckland

  • Tony Ashcroft (general, south auckland)

Chronic Pain

  • 2will physio (chronic pain and musicians problems)


Plastic Surgery

Jonathan Wheeler

One stop nasal and facial fracture clinic (see exclusions) –


Justin Chong

Hallux Podiatry

Roger Grech – 81 St Lukes Road, Sandringham, (09) 379 1077

James Baxter footworks (especially sports related)

Psychiatry and Psychology

Bexley Clinic – E.g Russell wyness

Sara Weeks


  • Practice 92
  • St Marys Bay Psychology

SRG radiology

Sexual Health

Min Lo and Nicky Perkins

Skin Cancer

Anthony Tam –


Alex Bartle –

Greg Reynolds (sleep dentist)

Karen Faloon

Travel Medicine

Joan Ingram (infectious diseases and travel)


David Merrilees

One stop renal colic clinic (no appointment required) in Epsom – Reference ‘Haematuria Clinic’ or ‘Renal Colic Clinic’ when making a referral.

One stop haematuria clinic in Epsom –


Peter Vann (has urgent appointments)

One stop vascular wound clinic (all vascular and lower limb wounds). vascular surgeon, radiologist, sonographer, wound care nurse. epsom and mairangi bay.