Legal and other Statements

Conflict of Interest Statement

I do not and have never received any money or financial gifts from pharmaceutical or medical device companies. In fact I actively avoid drug representatives, this includes refusing all gifts such as pens and chocolate. I also try my best to avoid medical education sessions where there is pharmaceutical company sponsorship, however in New Zealand this is almost impossible to do and attendance is often required for annual accreditation. If I do attend I never go to sessions where the speaker has been paid to speak by a pharmaceutical company. I also do not allow any advertising on this site of any kind, and it is completely personally funded.

Tool Accuracy Statement

While I have tried to ensure complete accuracy for all my tools, I do not take any responsibility for any errors or innacuracies. The tools should not be used as a substitute for clinical judgment, and local guidelines should be checked where applicable.

Confidentiality Statement

For all case reports in any articles, identifying information is significantly altered to protect confidentiality. This includes for example routinely altering the name and age and the cases are often composites of multiple patients or are entirely fictitious.

Medical advice statement

All opinions expressed are the opinions of myself, and do not necessarily represent the views of any past or present employers and organisations with which I have been affiliated.

Copyright Statement

All rights are reserved. However I am open to discussion for distribution or remixing of the tools in non commercial settings for free.

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