Paediatric BMI Centile Calculator (2 – 20 years)

Paediatric BMI Centile


Calculator written by Jeremy Steinberg, contact for suggestions

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NOTE: This is a work in progress. The actual values are accurate, but the graphing can be a little off. Learning how to use a proper graphing tool so I can improve this page is on my wish-list.

data is taken from the CDC. I will eventually change this to WHO.

Interpet cautiously for below 3rd and above 97th centiles as the CDC data does not fit as well here.
Also note that in NZ for height and weight centiles we use the “NZ WHO data,” however it turns out there is no BMI data available therefore I’ve had to use the CDC data. Also note that the “NZ WHO data” doesn’t actually use NZ heights and weights anyway.

NZ growth charts

If anyone knows how to get the relevant parameters (LMS parameters) for the NZ WHO growth charts please contact me

Guidelines for obesity in children – Note that cutoffs for obesity are different here because I’ve had to use the CDC data as explained above.

*Healthy Weight Range: This is the healthy weight for the child’s age and height using a BMI centile range of 5 to 85.